Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We are in Drenthe!!

Sooo, heres the update on us! We have moved out of the hotel this past weekend and are now at Jeff and Angies. The basement they finished for us is so nice. I love the smell of new carpet and paint. The girls are adjusting wonderfully. They love having more room to run and this weather has been perfect for bike rides and just running around outside. Praise the Lord for warmer weather!!! I have enjoyed being back in the kitchen and being able to clean again, and do laundry without using quarters and taking the elevator to do it!! (although I do miss all of the sweet people we got to hang out with all day there!!) Weird how I missed all of that housework but I so did. Its my calling in life right now I guess?!

I am so excited to have spring finally around the corner!! I cant wait to help outside with landscaping stuff,grilling, mowing and just sitting out there soaking up some vitamin D. The girls ask almost everyday when we are going camping, that is definitely a high lite of our summer!!! I cant wait either!!!!

Oh, I was so excited talking summer I forgot that we are still in the house building process. Right now I can honestly say its not going like I thought. I really thought we would have started by now but were not. Drawings just aren't coming together like I thought they would. We keep looking and tweaking it but something isn't flowing just right yet and that's so frustrating and its not something you can just say "oh, good enough"...its a house for goodness sakes!! So, I just keep praying that God will make it clear to us what should be happening with the drawing plans and hopefully soon we will know!! Patience right!!?