Saturday, January 31, 2009

2:00 am

Attention all book lovers, please read this book. If you know me you know that I love true stories and this one is truely inspiring. (thank you Ron for the recommendation!!) I was literally moved to tears, more like sobs, last night reading the book to finish it at 2:00am. If you have read it I would love to know what you thought. It will change how you think about people.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

still in the works

Well, the bathroom still isn't quite finished. When Dan dives into a project, he's not messing around. The first time we changed the bathroom we put in a glass sliding door. It was fine but once we had Ellie I really wanted a shower curtain, they are easier to give a bath in and clean!! I convinced him during this re-model project to get rid of them!! Once he did that, there were holes in the tub. Today some man came and filled in all the holes and buffed and whatever you do to make a tub pretty again. After that I was told not to use the shower until tomorrow night so tonight this is what I did for Aubrey b/c supper always lands in her hair! I think shes outgrown our sink!! Kind of cute though...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cara please dont hate me!

Okay, one more thing. I was looking at some pictures today and found this. This is my baby sister Cara, BEAR hunting in Canada. She is sleeping while there are BEARS around!!!! Maybe this is only funny to me but whenever I look at it, I just crack up!!! I think I am done posting things tonight!!! :0)

10:30 pm....

Dan and Aubs went and took a nap upstairs today and Ellie and I were going to have our "resting time" like we do everyday and watch a movie. Well, it didn't take long and we were both out. OOPS, so at 10:30 she was still full of energy so we played Don't Break the Ice. A great game for her age. She loves games as much as I do!! I love that because IF Dan plays one its out of obligation and he's just not that into it.
Tomorrow we go to South Side for our open house/meeting for pre-school. I just cant believe shes old enough! I know shes ready though, I feel like shes getting bored at home and eager to put on a pack-pack and go to school to meet friends.
I also found some of these land pictures on Dans camera. Some company came out and bought trees from us. How crazy is that?? So, apparently this is what it looks like. I have no idea if they are done or not. Anyway...hope everyone has a great week in blog world!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

book party...

Hey ladies,
check it out, I am having a book party for At Home America. Its super cute stuff for your house!! I am having the books sent out to me but if you want to look on line to see the stuff first, you can click here and just let me know what you want. Happy Shopping...

Monday, January 5, 2009

wall words?

Does anyone sell wall words or something like it? I would like to do something for my bathroom and my girls' room. Leave me a comment if you do, thanks!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

more help... bloggers are sooo helpful when I have a question so I have another one. Angie and I were talking wedding tonight and we were trying to figure out where to get out make up done. I think we will be doing our hair at Panopoulos and then do our faces. All three of us love makeup, so who should we go to. We thought of Smooches or Merle Noorman in Holland. We would like to be able to get it done at the same time. Looking forward to more of your thoughts. If you have more bathroom advice I will take it, the room is at a stand still at the moment!!!!!!!

Opinions please ASAP!!!

Okay, be totally honest! Dan and I needed to repaint our bathroom because he had fixed a leak and patched it up. It was the yellow and now this blue. Dan hates it and says its way to dark and doesnt match the counter. I totally dont mind it, I was planning on doing brown accents to decorate. SO...I want everyones honest opinion. Even if you side with Dan. My sister said maybe try a brownish wall??? I like that idea too. Here is what it did look like and what it does right now.