Thursday, July 31, 2008

Oh no!!

At rehearsal tonight Ellie flipped out!! I don't think the whole flower girl thing is going to happen! Whenever we tried, she had a fit and started crying and clinging to me. I don't know what to do, we tried to bribe her with anything but she wasn't going to budge, her stubborn personality was shining through. Maybe tomorrow will be different but I am not going to push it, I don't want to traumatize her for life and have her hate weddings or something.
So far everyone else is healthy and I am just downing the meds to keep going. Any home remedy ideas for sore throats would be much appreciated. So far hot tea with honey feels good, but only temporarily.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Another painting party tonight! We are getting really far and the house is looking great! We took this group picture tonight to send to RepcoLite. They are having a photo contest and the winner will win a Wii. Angie is reallllly hoping we win it!! So, if you have time please go and vote for us on the repcolite web sight and give us a 10. You can vote every day, once a day until the end of August. On the way home Aubs was beat, and thats the other picture!! She is in a diaper.

On another note, we have my brothers wedding this week and things are just crazy for them. Kristies grandfather past away yesturday and so did the pastors father who is from Canada. The Asst. pastor is on vacation and so is the youth pastor but he is going to be home on Friday to perform the ceremony. We are all on our own at rehearsal. This could be interesting. I also am feeling like I may be getting sick. My throat is super sore and I am achy!! Shoot! So just pray I can get through the next few days to get Ellie where she needs to be without passing this on to anyone else! Dan just mentioned his is getting sore also!! Oh boy! And also that Jason and Kristie can relax and enjoy their day. Thanks!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Nyhof Family Pictures

Tonight we had family pics. Considering we had 4 little girls to photograph, everything went well. The photographer got some good ones and all you need is a few!! Besides the heat the weather was really nice. Here are just a few of the pictures I took while waiting around. The girls' outfits were super cute, thanks to Amanda!! I so am not good at putting all that stuff together!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

One pony tail or two??

My amazing daughter Ellie is at a trying age right now. Everyone always talks about the terrible twos but I am thinking coming into three is going to be a bit more work. Today I had a few things I wanted to do, when the girls got up I gave them time to wake up. They need time, they dont do good being rushed right after they wake up. Anyway I had everything ready to go, I just had to do Ellies hair which is usually no big deal but today... well it was. I only grabbed one pony tail holder and she wanted two!! I didnt have the time nor did I want to so I said only one. So, she got super upset and wouldnt let me do it so after trying to reason with her, putting her in time out, I ended up sitting on the floor with her inbetween my legs and her head inbetween my knees doing her hair in just ONE pony tail. Of course when I was done I tried to talk to her and explain but she just messed her hair all up and we walked out the door on our way. Aubrey then saw suckers in the van and had a cow wanting that, so that I gave in to and the ride was nice and quiet!! The whole day seemed to go this way, and I just kept telling myself that someday, this strong will of theirs will come in handy!!

Tonight I was able to go on a long walk with a friend I dont see a ton and the walk felt so good after my day!! Talking makes the walking so much better and faster!! When I came home, Dan had given the girls a bath and had them all ready for bed! I love when he does that!! Aubs was tired and wanted Ellies cup and I wouldnt let her because it leaks. She got so upset she turned blue and was seconds away from passing out!! She does this more often and I keep hearing its normal. I will call the ped. tomorrow to make sure!! Tonight was the worst, after it happend she was just limp laying on me. After a few minutes she was back to her normal self trying to get the cup again. That stinker!! I do love my girls and love, love their silly, giggly, adorable, stubborn personalities. I just had to vent I guess and because who ever reads this will just get a kick out of it.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Painting Parties....

We have been busy painting at my dads the past two nights. Its been so much fun and we have gotten so much accomplished. The house is looking awesome!!! Ellie has been quite a helper around the house. She doesnt quite get that we have work to do, she wants to play with grandpa or anyone else around there. Aubs did pretty good, she was only there one night. Poor thing had to sit in the pack and play a lot but made the most of it!! Tuesday night was kind of a family night, and Thursday dads church friends all came out. A lot of people make it go so much faster and the time just flys.

Ellie is getting older and I need to watch my mouth more, tonight I was walking in my dads house and his cat (Caras actually) and I dont get along. Ellie was behind me and saw me kick the cat out of the way and said "Move it stupid cat!!!" I had to quietly laugh, but then had to chew her out. Its hard b/c I know she gets it from me!! How terrible am I!!?? Just thought that was a funny little story. If anyone feels like painting, I am sure we can find a brush for you!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hungry Horse Week....

was so much fun!! We had a great time in Dorr. The weather was awesome, I would have to say the best thing for the kids was the wading pool. It was all of 12 inches deep and they just loved it, plus it cooled us moms off too! The little parks provided great entertainment also, it was just a great place, very clean and the owners were so super friendly and helpful. Am I writing a review here or what?? Anyway, it was great. When we get home I feel like our house is so huge. Everything seems ginormous. Kind of nice to come home and really appreciate our little house.

As much fun as camping is, its a ton of work with little kiddos!! So friday night when we got back Dan and I had a date night! It was so fun. We just went to Chilis for supper at the mall and did a little shopping. I got a dress (yes, I said dress) for my brothers wedding. I never get dresses but thought I should, plus I kind of like it. I now just have to accesorize, which is my favorite part! We are having family pics taken soon and so I bought a shirt for that also. Dan got a few pairs of shorts. If you think of it, ask him how much they were. He likes that darn tootin' Hollister store! Ouch! I am just so cheap! The girls had a lot of fun at Grandpa and Grandma m &ms while we went out.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Aubreys one year check up

Aubrey had her one year appointment today and is growing great. She weighs 24 pounds 12.5 ounces. Ellie weighs 30, I cant believe they're only a few pounds different!! She is 32 in. tall which is the 95th percentile so I guess shes even throughout but what a chunker!! She did great with her shots but of course is a bit crabby now. Shes had a cough/cold for about 3 weeks now and the dr. thinks its allergys so we are going to try out some meds. Hopefully they work fast and we dont have to wipe her nose so much. I always learn something new at the doctor and today he said all restrictions for food allergies is no longer. I was told no peanut butter until 2 years, no strawberries until 1 year, fish, peanuts, etc. Well, thats no longer! I guess they have done enough tests and its not a big deal anymore?! Whatever, I am just thrilled I dont have to think about it anymore and can make a pb and j for her!! I am happy to say I have a healthy one year old!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Room Changes at the Nyhofs

Dan and I found a toddler bed for Ellie this week (on wonderful Craigs List) and have made the switch. Since Aubs has been born shes been in our room. (in a crib) We decided to put the girls together!! Its been okay, tonight is the first night Aubrey didnt cry like crazy when we put her down. She is used to it pitch black with the door shut, and Ellie has a bright night light and the door has to be wide open. The bad but funny part is napping. I try to my darnest to put them down for a nap together in the afternoon, well we did this weekend and the girls were just screaming (being goofy) and laughing and talking for over an hour. It was kind of funny, and what did I expect!? They are sisters and this is what they will do the rest of their lives and I love it!! They crack me up! Ellie wanted to take a picture of herself in her new bed so I took one of Aubrey sleeping too. Suprisingly she didnt flinch!! Our room is squeaky clean now and seems huge!!