Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So, this is where we are at...its getting there and im getting excited and antsy!! I cant wait to be in there!!! The more changes I see, the more excited we get!!! It may look like we have a ways to go but a lot will be happening in the next few weeks. Painting, counters, island, flooring...finishing touches!!
Dan has had a very busy job that has set us back 3-4 weeks. We are so blessed he has the job and is so busy but yet we bummed that he couldnt do as much. Oh well, hopefully we will be in sometime in november!
Besides the house, we are all doing good. So far, healthy besides colds/coughs. Ellie still loves school and has lots of new friends, Aubs is going through a major stinker stage (again) and she still isnt potty trained. Im pretty sure she will never go to school because she wont use a dog gone toilet! GRRR!! Its a very frustrating thing for me! Good thing shes cute and can crack me up!
I have recently learned to crochet and I love to do it. Im not great but good enough! I'd love to take a class on using a sewing machine this winter...after we're settled in. I cant wait for my craft room (dan calls it an exercise room..ha ha) to be done to throw all this fun stuff in it!! Anyway, thats where we are at!