Friday, August 28, 2009

School is right around the corner and I feel I need to get myself more organized. There is alot of things coming up that I cant forget about! SO, my question for you moms that have been doing this school thing for a while is how do you stay organized? I was thinking of getting some kind of calendar or planner...what do you use? Thanks for your input ahead of time!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Birthdays and Bladder Infections

This week has been a little rough for Miss Aubrey. On Tuesday afternoon she started complaining of a back ache (lower) really bad complaining!!! So I called the Dr. took her in and of course she was totally we thought. On Friday she had started with a fever and super tired, fussy just couldn't seem to get comfortable. Saturday we called our Dr. and he recommended going in. We sat in the ER for a good chunk of the afternoon. Got a cathedar and did so good with it. As a mom and a person with super high anxiety issues I am thinking the absolute worst and PRAYING for a simple solution. Praise God we got an easy solution, she has a bladder infection. Kind of weird that she never complained when she had to pee but I guess were all different. Anyway, I was thinking that by Sunday afternoon she'd be feeling better. Wrong!! She woke up from her Sunday afternoon nap with Daddy with a fever again and just the same as before. I was holding her just praying that God could give me an answer and tell me what to do for her and seconds later it hit me that I needed to check the messages on my phone and God answered my prayer by having a nurse from the hospital call and say we needed to call her back, the medicine they gave us wasn't going to be helping her get better. So with this new drug she should be feeling better tomorrow. As a mom I am praising God that we have medicine and doctors and most of all prayers for our kids!

It was Ellies fourth birthday on Saturday too!! Luckily she was totally thrilled to go hang out at grandpa and grandmas for the day. Saturday night I took her with me to church and while we were gone daddy baked her a sweet is that!!? She was super excited. We also took her to toys r us and she got a cool new marble racer toy and the bedroom set to her dollhouse!! She had a great birthday!! We are looking forward to a stress free relaxing week camping again before all the school events start!! School...ahhhh!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Busy Fun Summer!!

We are having a great summer over here at the Nyhofs! I havent blogged in a while so let me bring you up to speed. Since my last post we have a new nephew/cousin, Owen Mark was born on July 3!! Hes so sweet, looks just like his daddy!
We have camped three times (i think). That is just the best. Our girls love it and so do I...we have had great trips with so many different people. Looking forward to all the rest.

Ellie took swimming lessons a few weeks ago. It went better than I thought and it really boosted her confidence. Praise for Monica for taking on the challenge of ellie in the water!!

I have been selected for jury duty for the last few weeks of september...of course over a camping trip!! Grr, not excited but ya gotta do what you gotta do I guess.

The girls have gotten a new sandbox made by their dad and they love that. Ellie really loves throwing sand down aubreys diaper! Everyday is an adventure with the girls...they are so active and curious. I could put that another way by saying they have so much darn energy and are into everything they shouldnt be...thats really what I was thinking!!! I love them so stinkin' much!!!!

We had this big ol ordeal with our bed and to make a long story short, we got money back for our old one and got a new one for a lot cheaper so we purchased carpet that we got on sale too. It looks so much better and more up to date.

I think thats about it for now. Coming up we will be getting ready for some school shopping!! I am so excited for that to start for Ellie!! We have some more camping to do, a birthday for Ellie, day at Shipsea, good times and more sunshine ahead!!!!!!