Saturday, August 30, 2008

Just us girls

Dan has been gone for the past few days on his yearly golf outing up north! So, its been just us girls watching movies and eating pizza. I am a little sick of the Little Mermaid but its been fun. Today we played outside a lot which was great for my allergies!! Ahhh!! It was worth it too see the girls having so much fun. Sometimes I think this is how I should get their yearly pictures done because this is who they are, what they do. Messy and busy and outside-always with popsicles! Aubs can down 3 in the amount of time it takes Ellie to eat one!!

Ellie was running around with her imaginary babies tonight when I took her picture. Since camping with a bunch of pregnant girls and 2 small babies shes been telling me about her own babies. She tells me that she takes them to target, to the park, to bampas house (grandpa). Sometimes they are even in her tummy. Its kind of cute, I love how their little minds work!!! When I ask her what she wants to be when she grows up she tells me she wants to work in the office at GDK, shes going to have 6 kids and marry Max Meiste. She does not want a mini van but a purple car thats big.

Aubrey has been saying "bob" a lot and I could not figure it out...until today. Bob is her pacifier??!! I dont know why or where that came from but Ellie and I think its funny. Shes pretty attached to that thing with teething, trying to take BOB away in the future could be tricky!! Happy Labor Day to you all!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dutch Treat

We are back from another great week of camping!! We had quite a big group of us out there which was a riot!! Having a few cool nights makes me look forward to at least one more trip when the leaves are changing,drinking hot apple cider, eating pumpkin bars, and we can run around in sweatshirts and jeans! I love fall!!! Sorry, didnt mean to rush summer, just got a little excited! Here are some pictures from the week!Abby and Ellie watching a movie in Ells bunk.
Joely and Ellie hanging out in the Juros' camper.

All pooped out! She fell asleep on the couch watching Toy Story.

Arent they so cute??!!

Mr. Max eating yummy ice cream!

I've been tagged...

Okay, so I have been tagged and I guess I am suppost to tell you 6 random things about me. So let me think, I am kind of weird so this should be easy but to come up with 6 things right away is kind of tricky!

#1~ I love to bake!! I love even more to bake for people. I love a good challenge like a cheesecake, or layered fudge, candy. Whatever, I just love to do it!

#2~ Every now and then at night I enjoy a glass of wine and watch a girly movie or read a great book.

#3~ I love to bargain shop. I dont know when it started but I love to shop at second hand stores, for me, dan and the girls. I totally enjoy driving around on friday or satudays garage saleing. Maybe thats strange to some people but I love doing it!

#4~ I dont really like to travel. I know, WHAT?? But, I dont! I like being home where I feel comfortable and safe. I think its gotten worse since I had kids. I just get home sick, even when I am with my family I still miss being home.

#5~ I cant live without eye liner. If I happen to go somewhere without it and I see someone I know, they will ask if I am tired or sick. I look more alive with it or something??

#6~ I love to do crafts! I love to color with the girls, I think I go through more sidewalk chalk than them in the summer. I love to crosstitch, knit, paint, stamp, bead, all kinds of stuff. Im totally pumped about being on the mops craft team this year. Woo Hoo!!

So there you go, 6 random things about me!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Time outs and Teething....

So, we had Ellies third birthday party last week and she loved it! We went to Craigs Cruisers with the whole family. I would show you pictures but it seems that I forgot to put in the memory card and its on the internal memory but I dont know how to get that on the computer! So, sorry Ellie! It was fun though, lots of smiles from Ellie. I cant believe shes 3!! I know I will say that every year!

Now that shes three she is really testing me and seeing how far she can push things. I swear she spends most of her days in time out!! Here she is yesturday in the kitchen after she just randomly came up and bit me in the butt!?!? What the heck!?? So, here she sat for three minutes.

I am heading tomorrow to get a book called 123 Magic, I have been told by a few people now that its a great book. I am praying it helps us all!!

Aubrey on the other hand is teething so horribly. I feel so bad for her, shes so whiny. She will be her happy normal self and then she will hit her cheek or fall down and just cry and cry.

So, I have one sitting in a corner and the other one crying! I do absolutely love my crazy, chaotic life. I am honestly blessed to be able to go through this as a mom to two amazing girls. God is good!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kid Project

So, I don't know if my kids get bored or if I do with our everyday routine. I think its me, so I like to throw in a craft or two. I found a book called kid concoctions (at a garage sale) that you can buy through WGVU. Anyway there is a glitter shaker you can make at home super easy so I thought I would pass it along. Its some thing different to do for 15min. of the day. I used a small empty water bottle and tore off the paper, 3/4 of the container gets filled with Karo syrup then glitter or confetti or both, then 1/4 or the bottle you just add water. That's it, Ellie thought it was so cool and even Aubrey likes to chuck it around. I have been keeping it outside on the off chance it breaks and we have a giant glittery mess!!! The book says you can add food coloring too. Enjoy, I will pass along more ideas as I do them!

Monday, August 11, 2008

John Ball Zoo

Looking at the frogs

Check out the Gator!!! They were in awe!

Arent they cute!?
Sunday we decided to take the girls to the zoo!! It was a beautiful day and we knew that Dan was going to be putting in some long hours this week so we should have a family day!! The girls had a great time. Here are some of the pictures of our fun!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Friday night fun..

Hasnt the weather been awesome!!? Go God!! Friday night we made reservations to go to Mermaids in Saugatuck. We had a nice dinner outside enjoying the views of the water, sunshine, and people passing by. Of course you have to take a walk and check out the cute stores downtown! It was a great night.

I also have the girls' pictures on line if you want to look. Click here and click to see the web sight and then clients, and type in nyhof and the pics come up. Maybe you can help me decide!!! Its so hard!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A lump in my throat....

(stop panicking, not an actual lump) Tonight Dan brought Ellie to bed and it was just starting to thunder. I honestly thought he was going to come back down stairs with her but he didn't. Instead he told me what he told her so she wouldn't get scared. He told her that Jesus was just moving around some big furniture and that Emma was turning his lights on and off just like Ellie does to daddy. He said "You know how I tell you no, no when you do that? Maybe thats what Jesus is saying to Emma right now." Isnt that so sweet? Just writing it brings tears to my eyes. Usually I dont get too choked up when I think about her. Maybe with the Busscher family loosing their little Grace, it just makes me think of how hard the next few weeks, months, and years will be as they remember her. I know how much my heart still aches after losing a child I never knew, I just cant imagine their pain. I pray tonight that God surrounds them with a peace that passes all understanding!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Still trying to win....

I entered another picture today, its the one showing. Plus we still have our other one to vote for! So if you have some free time go visit and vote 10 stars for both of these pictures. Thanks!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Prayers for the Busschers family...

I dont know this family but I am sure you have heard on the news that they lost their little girl, Grace who was only 18 months. I just cant get them off my mind and my heart just aches for what I can only imagine they are going through. I found them on a blog, and Grace was just a beautiful little girl. So who ever reads this, just say a prayer of comfort and strength for the entire family.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Flower girl who wasnt!

I officially have another great sister!! Jason and Kristie got married even with out a flower girl!! She just wasn't going to do it, she was absolutely terrified. It was hard to even get pictures with her earlier in the day. Its so weird because normally shes pretty outgoing. She loved being in the dress and having her hair all done up but that was pretty much it. We really wanted her to go to the reception so people could see what she looked like, but Dan and I decided it was best to let her just go to Grandpa and Grandma M&Ms house. She wouldn't have made it. So, here are some of the pictures, the one I really wanted on here is on Leonas camera. It was Ellie on the way home, she was asleep in the car. It was soooo cute!!