Monday, June 30, 2008

Fun, fun, and more fun!!

We had a great time on our very first camping adventure as a family! The camper worked out great! Ellie and Aubrey had soooo much fun and Ell wants to go again, NOW she says. I feel the same way, so in a few weeks we are hoping to head out again. All of it was so great, the food, the card games, swimming, chit chatting around the fire. Even Dan who never grew up with it, really enjoyed it. I have one goofy story to tell (there were many)....the guys went golfing on Sat. and on the way home we called and asked if they could get some laundry detergent, I went to go throw it in the washer, poured it in and looked at the container, Jeff picked out some downy for us!! So, our clothes did smell much better but not all that clean. It was pretty funny, he got picked on pretty good for that one.

Aubrey had a great first birthday party! She really loved the cake. The pool was probably her favorite this weekend. The girl would just dive right in if we let her. I know she has to come out when her lips turn purple and start to quiver. Shes so sweet, she did so well with everything. Ell did too, I am so glad. It makes me look forward to next time even more!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ready for camping!!

Dan and I have been busy getting the camper ready to go!! We are so excited to have a long weekend relaxing with friends and playing with the kids!! Just creating memories as a family is priceless!! I know its going to be work to keep a closer eye on the kids, trying to stay organized, making meals, but it will be worth it. We will also be celebrating Aubreys first birthday out there and having our family come out for a visit!! If anyone has yummy easy camping food feel free to pass it along. Hope you all have a great week!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Jam it up....

I actually made strawberry jam today. I got it all done while the girls took a nap!! ( they never usually take one at the same time! )I actually enjoyed it and was pretty proud of myself when I was all finished. Hopefully it tastes great and sets up right, we will see!! I always said I would never do any canning/freezing but nothing beats homeade jam!!! I think I ended up with 21 jars. That should be good until next year right?? Ha ha!!

Here I go....

Okay, so I am going to try out this blogging thing!? So many people have them and they are so cool. My problem is I am not exactly a writer. When I read some of my friends blogs they write the most beautiful posts and everything is worded just right....well, thats not me. Anywho, I will do what I can and share about my life on the internet with everyone else.

Steph, I am blaming this on you!! Reading about Miss. Abby is just a hoot and brings a smile to my face. Mostly because I can relate so well!! So, thanks to you here I am! Love you!!

So to the people reading this, I guess ask me some questions to know what to right about. Thanks for reading and have a blessed day!!!