Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Block Words Tutorial

I have been asked to do a tutorial on these and show ya all how easy they are to make. So, here I go....

Okay, first use a 2x4 and cut blocks of random sizes, don't try and make them perfect!! I wouldn't make them bigger than about 6in. tall. spray paint all sides whatever color you want. I choose espresso brown.

 Next they need to be sanded for that rustic look and to get rid of the roughness. Some blocks I use more pressure, others not as much. You just don't want them looking identical. Next use a damp cloth to remove all the dust from sanding.
 Here's what you need next, scissors, MODGE PODGE ( i love this stuff ) a paint brush or I used a stain brush, the paper you want to use. Set the blocks out how you want them and figure out what piece of paper you want on each block.
 Cut the paper a little bigger than the block and put a light coat of modge podge on the block. Put the paper on the block and with your hand smooth the paper down. I then put a little modge podge on my finger and put a light coat on the edge of the paper. This softens the paper so you can sand the edges a bit for that distressed look.
 Another way to do it would be to gently rip the paper and then set it on the block. The next step to to put the letters on. You can do this however you choose. I use a sharpie marker and write on them, you could use stickers, stamps, whatever floats your boat. Once you have the letters on, I put another thin coat of modge podge over the front of the block. Then you're done!! Let them dry a few hours and set them out how you choose.

You could also use fabric instead of paper, I have done that as well. You could use these as photo props, seasonal decor, kids names for their rooms, lots of fun possibilities!! Have fun!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

a quick before and after...

From old and used to redone and new!! I did this in a very short amount of time yesterday and was pretty happy with how it turned out. I just added a small amount of new padding, new heavy fabric, and fresh coats of espresso spray paint. Oh, how I love fun fabric. This one is from JoAnns in case you're wondering.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

more fall decorations and 7 years....

I keep adding fall things! My fav time of year and my favorite decor! I have learned that adding a few drops of food coloring to some modge podge, you get the jars you see in the pic. I painted the insides and when I am sick of that color, I can peel it out and do another look!!

Dont put it on too thick, it does take a long time to dry.

This is Punch Needle Embroidery, another winter craft I love and is so easy!
I took a class last winter and was hooked! Yes, I am only in my 30s...not 75 like you might be thinking.

 These are my two favorite little girls and now two favorite tiny boys! My precious nephews Preston and Jackson. I cant believe how fast they all grow and how much they mean to me.
Seven years ago today Emma Grace came and went from this world. You were here for a reason and you live on in so many ways. So often I get to share your story and tell how Gods loving, faithful hand was in it all and continues to be. To God be all the Glory!! Happy Birthday sweet baby girl!!! We miss and love you and so thankful for Heaven where we will meet again!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

few new crafts...

Thanks to Pinterest, I have made a few new things at home this weekend. I loved the idea of having a "lost sock" sign. Socks normally sit in my bedroom and now they have a place of their own. lol!

These are just a few extra blocks I had sitting around from the baby shower ones I made. I used fabric for these instead of paper and they turned out pretty cute! I love that falls coming and I can decorate for it! Its my favorite time of year!!!

My latest crafty obsession is crocheting. I have always wanted to make big blankets for people or baby blankets. So, I have been sucked to You Tube and learning what all the stitches mean and how to do a granny square. I  have learned how to do one version and I am going to keep practicing...probably making a small blanket for the cats but its a start!! (this is just a pic of one I like)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pinterest addiction

Oops, its been a while again since my last blog. We recently had a great family vacation!!! It was great to get away and be with just the 4 of us!! The girls did great which made it even better, I wasn't sure how they were going to do in the van riding for so long.

Inside a butterfly garden, the girls loved being in here
So really this blogs turned more into my crafts than my life, well crafting is definetly part of my life! :) My latest addiction is Pinterest. If you dont have an account get one, even if you dont craft. Its awesome for everyone!! It has recipes, vacations spots, books, wedding ideas, fashion....its just fab! Pretty much, its like bookmarking a page you find on line but organizing it on your own page!!

 So what I have done is find some cool things to try and make and when I have time. Here are a few things I did this week.
I cant seem get this bigger but you can look on pinterest! This is a tea ring that I made for the teachers lounge at my girls' school.
I made a few different versions of this for the teachers. It was so cheap and turned out so cute!

I am so ready for the school year to begin, I know its busy but I love being involved at school while they think its still cool to have me there. I love that i will have more free time while they're in their classes learning! I cant wait for ellie to start reading!! I pray they have a great year and learn and grow and stay healthy!! I love hearing about their days and friends. This is a great time in our lives!! Hope you all have a great back to school month!! Blessings!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Baby Shower with Argyle

 Sorry its been a while. Summer is busy...swimming lessons, VBS, beach days, pool days, and just being outside enjoying the heat that we wait so long for during the winter! I love this summer!! Each year the girls are older and can do so much more with us and its less work for me! Love it!

We recently had a baby shower for my sister kristie who is due with a baby boy in September! I found some napkins I liked and went from there. It was a fun theme to work with!!

Kristie with our beautiful Aunts!!

Preston came to visit, aunts got to admire how adorable he is!!

I am going to try and post sometime soon about the blocks behind the sink. So easy and cute to make!

I like to keep the food simple but cute! Making these trail mix bags were a hit!

My sisters and my girls.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

gluten free questions

I was asked how I got started with getting rid of the gluten in my life...

I am still learning a lot!! First, fresh fruits and veggies are great!! I know they are safe and I eat lots and lots!! Thank goodness its summer and I have many options!

Plan on a longer grocery shopping day. I read lots of labels now which is great to raise your awareness of what you're putting into your body!! Visit a natural food store. Yes, its more expensive but if you do this with someone else you can share and split the cost!

The grocery store I use has a growing section of GF foods that are pretty good. My sister made me a GF chocolate cake for my birthday and it was fabulous!! No funny aftertaste just pure yummoness!! It was just a betty crocker mix!! Check this out ...

Part of the energy I think, comes from just eating better and healthier. Food from the ground, not with all the additives! The biggest things that I have been told to avoid is WHEY, MALT, WHEAT.

Mexican food is something I get often when going out, corn shells are safe! I love as a snack blue corn chips and GF guacamole! MMM!!!  When we go out to eat, I use my phone! Say were headed to Wendys. I type in Gluten Free menu and Wendys, and a list pops up. The chili is gf and baked potatoes! (theres more but I love those two) and you just don't add the crackers to the soup like I did the first time!! Its a learning process!!

So theres some of the things that can help you get started!!! Let me know if you have more questions that I can maybe help with!  For the anxiety/antidepression medication people, this may not make a big change but even a little more energy is huge for me!! I hope it helps with you too!!