Sunday, March 29, 2009

I love Craigslist!!!

I am an addict of craigslist!!! I have been on a hunt for a few things. I have been looking for a swing set for the girls. Just a cheap one to get them through a few summers so I dont have so much stuff in the yard!! I found out that many others also are looking for a swing set so I have been checking 3-4 times a day and I think we got one! Dan is going tomorrow night to pick it up!!

I have also been looking for a dutch dance costume and am hoping to go look at one tomorrow morning!! Today we got a cute dress for Aubrey!! Its so cute!! I love finding deals!! Woo hoo!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Acai Berry anyone???

So, its only a few weeks until Jeff and Angies wedding and I am trying to hit the weight watchers pretty hard again. Can I just say YUCK!! Steph, I am right with you that dieting is noooo fun!! Anyway I feel I need more help this time and everywhere on line is this berry stuff and I am wondering if anyone knows anything about it or has tried it? Is it a pill, a liquid?? Kmart and Target dont sell it, I have checked and I am leary of buying that kind of thing on line. So just leave me your thoughts if you know anything about it. Thanks!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Easter Eggs...

I came across this craft in a magazine and had to try it. I included the girls and my sister Cara which made things a bit more difficult. Cara is messy when she comes over for crafts. Shh...dont tell her I said that! :o) Anyway, you can check out the pictures and see what we did.

I havent written in a while so I will fill ya in a little bit. Last weekend Dan and I had a getaway for the weekend to IKEA and Birch Run. It was my first weekend without both the girls. It was great but I missed them!!! Dan and I got a lot of shopping done and eating in nice restaurants without spilling drinks and throwing food on the floor. It was great hubby and wife time!!!

Cara turned 21 last weekend too and we all went out as a fam to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings!! Tomorrow we are going out to a comedy club for sibling night! It should be a great night that we're all looking forward to!!

The girls have been loving the springy weather!! Everytime I leave to go somewhere Aubrey just runs to the backyard saying "eep, eep" she wants to ride the barbie Jeep! It is getting me super excited for camping!!!! Ellie woke up this morning telling that she dreamed about camping all night!! So cute!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

For Marcie....

So my dear friend Marcie has to go back to work next week after having two beautiful babies and has requested that some of us update our blogs before she goes so she can catch up on our lives. Mine is not all that exciting so Marcie, here was my day yesterday....
When I woke up Ellie was next to me wanting to watch cartoons so I did and I got up hearing Aubrey. I gave Aubs her breakfast of healthy raspberry poptarts and milk. Ellie then came down saying her pull up leaked and she got pee in my bed. Awesome. So, I washed my sheets, and blankets. Next the girls wanted to play games so we did a few and cleaned them up. Soon it was time for lunch which was mac and cheese and bananas. Aubrey thought she would decorate the dinning room with noodles so that took some cleaning and chewing out. Some time around there Steph called to chat but then she had to go b/c she needed to pull over to re-seat belt Abby. So I had a 5 min. window that I thought the girls wouldn't damage too much and I took a shower. Then Steph called back and we finished our chat. I cleaned the house a bit, and did more laundry. The table got made into a tent/house for the girls. They fought, Aubs climbed the table and somewhere there I put her to bed. Ellie then had "resting time" and watch the Bernstein bears movie. I did a little bit of cross stitch and read a few chapters in my book. I snoozed off for about 20 min. and Aubs woke up. They played some more and Dan came home to shower and took off for a class he is taking on Mon. nights for work. Soon it was time to figure out supper so again I whipped up a gourmet meal of veggies, dino nuggets, and french fries and for dessert and oreo cookie. Supper usually gets followed by bath time. Hair has to be washed right away in case Aubrey decides to let out a surprise which she often does. Yuck! Luckily last night she didn't! Once they were out they like to dry off by running around the house saying "naked babies" and then I lather them in baby lotion and cozy jammies, I love that smell!! Time to try and wind down usually by watching a cartoon and sitting on the couch with a blanket. I try and sneak in some facebook and email at night and of course some early in the day too! :o) Then my sister Cara came over for a visit so she played with the kids while I got some baking done if we have bible study here Tues. night. Eventually it was time to put the kids down and that was done. That process goes on for a while. Ellie kept telling me that Aubs was trying to get out of bed and Ellie has to come down to pee a few times as well. Dan got home about 9:30 and we chatted about our days as I was watching the most dramatic Bachelor in history!!!!!!! It really was a good one! Then we headed off to sleep in our freshly cleaned sheets! So that Marcie was my day and what most are like. Pretty boring but yet its my life and I really do love it!! Its just not too blog worthy so sorry nothing super exciting has happened lately.