Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving week!

Heres whats happened in the Nyhof home lately...We have had a lot of activity with our house being for sale! We have been surprised at how many showings we have had. I have a routine on how I clean the house for them! We have had an offer and if all goes as planned the house could be sold. Where are we going to live you might be asking and the answer is we dont know, but God does. We have a few options out there and I am sure everything will fall into place! Building probably wont happen until Marchish.

This week my great friend Steph and I went to go see the much anticipated movie NEW MOON, it was fantastic and we cant wait for the next one in June. Who knew that I would become so obsessed with this series. I seriously feel like a teenage girl dreaming about a heartthrob on t.v. Its crazy!

A few weeks ago I dragged my grandma with me to a Punch Needle Embroidery class in Jenison. I loved it!! Its just another thing I can do during the long winters! This is the one I just finished tonight...mine has a few different colors, I grabbed a picture of this one on line. I would like to try and do a few Christmas ornaments next!! If you want to learn I would be happy to show you how! Its easy!!!

Thanksgiving was great! I love the holidays!! Wednesday night dan and I did the turkey, we did it different this year. Its called spatchcocking a cut out the backbone, flip it over, crack the bones and throw it in the oven for a few hours. It was easy and yummo! Dan wanted creamed turkey so thats what I did. We had dad over for dinner on Thursday and went to my moms at night. Friday we had a showing, and on Saturday. Saturday night we went to Dans side for Thanksgiving and that was great too!! Prayerfully next year we will be able to have all the parties at our NEW house! Wouldnt that be great!!? I am super excited to be able to do that! Hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving with your families! Enjoy your week!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Winning at Home!

I had my first counselor meeting today and I wasnt quite sure what to expect but it went great. I really believe they can help me control my anxious thoughts without having to continue to up my medication! It feels so great to know that this can be solved. It sounds like over the next few sessions I will be having to dig up the past and she has warned me that it can get tough but it will all help in the long run. I just really felt like I was right where God wanted me to be. I will not let Satan steal my joy and peace I will live my life to the fullest as God has intended for all of us.
Something else that has really helped me out lately and has drawn me closer to God is the book Sparkling Gems by Rick Renner. My dad recommended it to me and I havent given it back to him yet. Sorry dad!! I just love it and am soaking it up like a sponge!! So if you need a new devotional or a great Christmas present this would be great!! Have a great week bloggers!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Things have been better with my anxiety. I am thrilled to have been able to get in at Winning at Home and to see someone who takes insurance! That's coming up in about a week. I also have a Dr. appt. set up in a few weeks to see if maybe I will need to change my medications. I have received so many emails from people after writing my last post...we should start a support group or something!! Gee Whizzers! This cartoon is perfectly fitting for me...

So far, my kiddos have been healthy! Praise God for that!! I did have them get the first dose of the HINI, hoping to be able to get the next dose when they need it!

Aubs has been as naughty as ever but hilarious too! Ellie is 4 going on 14, she is suddenly into the Jonas brothers show, Hannah Montana, and Suite Life on crazy. The other day I had to do her hair just like Miley Cyrus. Shes still adoring school, and we love seeing her grow. Dans been remodeling the old Family Fitness center in Holland, kind of nice that hes working close to home so we can stop in and see him. The girls love to visit daddy at work! So far it looks like a quiet week at the Nyhofs and I am totally great with that. Hope you all have great weeks as well!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Just not myself...

So I am going to share with the world a bit about myself so I can ask for your prayers. For about 7 years I have been dealing with generalized anxiety disorder and have been on medication for it which has been working and I have been doing great but recently I had a health scare that I have been told I am okay and I am so thankful for, but my anxiety has not gone away even on my meds. I know this is satan trying to take me down and take my joy. If you have never experienced anxiety its kind of hard to explain but its like I am doing my day to day activities while living in fear of anything and everything. So that brings on a type of depression where I just want to sleep the days away...its honestly just a horrible thing. I have contacted winning at home for advice and counseling, I refuse to live this way it affects everyone around me. It affects me physically and I am just drained!! So if I am not myself,please forgive me and know that I am doing all I can to get this fixed. So if you think of it and can send a prayer my way i would appreciate it. Thanks blog friends!!