Sunday, February 27, 2011

90 years Celebration and of course...more pillows!

This weekend was my great grandmas 90th birthday!! Wow, 90 years!! As I was working on some projects for her party I read a lot about the year 1921. So so much has happened in her lifetime! Through all of it, she has followed Christ and wants that for each one of us and I love her for instilling that in her family! Here is a 5 generation picture of great gram in the middle, gram in the back standing, my mom with my kids and me on the left. After seeing this picture weight watchers is screaming my name again...good grief I hate how that happens when you see a pic of yourself. Anywho, on to the pillows.

I made this one out of scrap fabric at joanns,(under $2.00) and the bottom of my daughters old dress that has a stain on it. I cut the bottom off, wound it into the flower and hand stitched it on. Then I took some other scrap fabric I had and did an accordion fold and hand stiched the ends to unfold into a circle then I decided to add a few buttons from a giant bag of buttons my mom gave me. So, this one cost me about 3.00 when I was done.

This one I decided to try today because I keep seeing blogs of people using this "wonder under" stuff and I had to give it a whirl. So, I came up with an easy pear, used the "wonder under" and stitched around it. Its so not perfect but fun to use. Opens up a whole new area of sewing!!
(showing the front and back)

So, there are a lot of things I am learning about sewing! First, I love You Tube. I have learned how to use my machine that way and lots of different tricks and advice. I never thought useing pins was going to be as important as it is, along with ironing. Both very useful in sewing!! As long as the machine works good I find it to be really relaxing and rewarding. I dont see myself making clothes for my kids in the future but the stuff I am making now is fun.If anyone has tips or tricks for me please let me know! Im open to learning!! I have a towel sewing pattern I want to try this week. If it goes okay, I will show ya! Thanks for checking out my new sewing addiction!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Here is the sight that I found from the flower pillow. I tweaked it and did a smaller version. Really easy!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pillow crazy!!!

I will admit I am obsessed...and I enjoy it! So heres what I have been doing. I look up blogs about moms like me and try what looks cute and doable for me. I think I am so into it because I feel like I finally have a place to do this stuff and my kids are old getting old enough and busy enough on their own. So, I think all these ideas came from the blog "The Girl Creative" These are sooo not perfect but they're good enough for me!
One more thing I found to do with old kids books is cards and I cut out words from the books to add as well and little embellishments. Pretty cute! Although, I cant use these cards because my lovely ladies signed them on the inside! nice!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Girls...

zipper down, shorts too small from last summer...looking good ellie!

blue eyes, green dot on nose

art work

notice...same day, new outfits. They change at least 3 times a day!!!!

Beauty queen on her first day of school!!

Snow days bring on lots of me entertaining and coming up with crafts and yes, I do end up throwing them in front of the tv so I can get things picked up and caught up! When we don't leave the house all day I let the girls just put on whatever they want. Lately its been swim wear!????? Wackos! They have been having beach parties putting on gobs of lotion as sunscreen. I love that they are finally using the basement together. It has taken awhile for them not to want me down there too. We also painted for a long they get older their attention span is getting better. Love! Ellies art is getting so cute! Much more detailed.

Aubrey had her first enrichment class at HC today. She was so pumped up about it! She would have gone to all of them but she is just now potty trained...and I cant yet say completely. Sometimes she will just pee because "she doesn't feel like going right now" She is so stubborn!!!! I am just glad we are this far and she can get in a few more of the classes!! She had to take a backpack with some of her treasures. Her treasures included, scented lotion, a tiny stuffed animal, a bottle for the animal, her princess crown, and a picture she drew for mrs. sytsema. She always has a stash of little things with her. In her room, will be little things all laid out in a row just so and if we move it she goes ape on us! Its so funny!! Ellie was so sweet to her after school looking at all of her pictures and telling her what a good job she did. I love watching them grow together, they are my treasures. I cant get over how blessed we are that God is letting us raise two of his children! Being their mom is the best job ever!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

what I did today

I go through spurts, I will read like crazy for a while, sometimes I crochet 10 wash clothes in a row, or for one week I will crosstitch every night for hours...right now its copy cat blog crafts. If only I had an addiction to exercise...oh well! This is way more fun! Today I made a t-shirt necklace. Found it on a blog and thought I would try it. So, here it is! Kinda cute! Took a little longer than I thought, but hey it was free! Love that! I also made some pillows...I ran out of thread so you'll have to wait to see the other three but here is one of them. I get all my fabric so far as scrap in leftover bins a hobby lobby, or joanns. Cheapola! Since I am still self teaching myself sewing with a machine, I don't want to put a lot of money into something that could end up in the trash!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

house additions

Here are a few pics of things we have done recently. Living with my dear husband there are always going to be house projects! Its fun though, we enjoy it! We finished off the bathroom back splashes with tiles...not so fun but looks good now that its all done!! I also am always crafting something and get inspired by others blogs and what they do. I see it and want to try it so I make many visits to hobby lobby, Michaels, and JoAnns. These letters I did this week for Ellies room. I think they turned out pretty good! It was a lot of fun and cheap...whole project under $10.00!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

tonights craft...

Garage sale finds!

Painted the boards brown, sanded the edges, cut out the pictures I wanted to use.
Modge Podge the pictures onto the board and over the whole thing.
Cut some fabric I had and super glued and stapled it to the back, tied a knot and tada, these are now hanging in our half bath behind the potty!! :)

Reading other blogs today got me in the crafty mood but I didn't feel like leaving the house today to shop. So, I had to get more creative by shopping around my house for something to make. Here is what I came up with. I found two boards dan had in the house (hope he didn't need them for something :)) At garage sales this summer I would get random books for the girls...I have a few pretty old ones that I didn't toss out yet and now I am glad I kept them!! With some paint, some modge podge, and a little fabric I did these in less than 2 hours...most was just drying time! I love birds right now, I guess its living where we do but thats why I chose what I did. I totally dig the shabby chic look that's in right now and I really love when it doesn't cost me a dime!! What ya think?!