Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Block Words Tutorial

I have been asked to do a tutorial on these and show ya all how easy they are to make. So, here I go....

Okay, first use a 2x4 and cut blocks of random sizes, don't try and make them perfect!! I wouldn't make them bigger than about 6in. tall. spray paint all sides whatever color you want. I choose espresso brown.

 Next they need to be sanded for that rustic look and to get rid of the roughness. Some blocks I use more pressure, others not as much. You just don't want them looking identical. Next use a damp cloth to remove all the dust from sanding.
 Here's what you need next, scissors, MODGE PODGE ( i love this stuff ) a paint brush or I used a stain brush, the paper you want to use. Set the blocks out how you want them and figure out what piece of paper you want on each block.
 Cut the paper a little bigger than the block and put a light coat of modge podge on the block. Put the paper on the block and with your hand smooth the paper down. I then put a little modge podge on my finger and put a light coat on the edge of the paper. This softens the paper so you can sand the edges a bit for that distressed look.
 Another way to do it would be to gently rip the paper and then set it on the block. The next step to to put the letters on. You can do this however you choose. I use a sharpie marker and write on them, you could use stickers, stamps, whatever floats your boat. Once you have the letters on, I put another thin coat of modge podge over the front of the block. Then you're done!! Let them dry a few hours and set them out how you choose.

You could also use fabric instead of paper, I have done that as well. You could use these as photo props, seasonal decor, kids names for their rooms, lots of fun possibilities!! Have fun!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

a quick before and after...

From old and used to redone and new!! I did this in a very short amount of time yesterday and was pretty happy with how it turned out. I just added a small amount of new padding, new heavy fabric, and fresh coats of espresso spray paint. Oh, how I love fun fabric. This one is from JoAnns in case you're wondering.