Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Family Cookbook

After a baby shower a few weeks ago, we were discussing family recipes and thought that it would be such a treasure to have a Prins cookbook! So my cousin Alissa is going to put one together. How awesome is that?!!!! So, I got an email yesturday to come up with a title for our cookbook. We are looking for ideas...if you have something cute let me know. I gave Alissa two ideas so far, tell me what you think. Prins Preserves and Faith, Family, Food...Prins family Recipes.

Monday, October 27, 2008

8 years!

Wow, today is our 8 year anniversary! Time is flying!!! We couldnt be happier with the past eight years. God has blessed us and our marriage! We love each other more now than when we met 10 years ago. We pray God blesses us with many, many more great years!! I am such a lucky girl to have such a sweet hubby to love me so special and be the greatest dad to our girls!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Ready to Vote!???

I am and after listening today to Sarah Palin talk to Dr. Dobson I am even more ready to go to the voting booth!! What a great Christian wife, mom, republican...I just think she is great and that we have to VOTE for McCain/Palin. She and McCain are PRO LIFE and we need them in the white house!! Either way, whoever is elected, we need to be in prayer for our country. You can click here to listen to Dobson and Palins talk....

Here is a picture of what we did at MOPS last week. I think they turned out pretty cute. For our moms, we did fall/halloween paper so they could use them for trunk or treat at church or handing out candy at home. I did them to use as gift buckets, crayons for at home, etc.

And one last thing. I never really wanted to use this blanket, normally its in my room on a quilt rack. Dan and I got so cold the other night we threw it on and instantly warmed up. It was my grandmas, Elizabeth Grace Prins. My great aunt Arnola made it for her. Tonight, I washed it and let Ellie lay in it b/c she has another cold and to warm up. Its a treasure to have! One last thing, Aubrey decided to put my phone in a glass of water and its not working so well. So Dan will be bringing it in tomorrow to see what he can do. (in case anyone is trying to get ahold of me)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fall Festive Fun!!

Saturday night we got together with some friends to eat and carve pumpkins!! It was a riot, like it always is! We are blessed to have a great group of friends!
I asked Brad to take a few pictures while we carved, and he took 53!!!!! What a goof ball!! I love this one of Lyndsey, shes adorable!! (sorry Lynds, I had to!)

Here we are planning out the pumpkins with the kids and at first they were so into it....3 minutes later they're gone and we moms are left to finish them! We honestly didnt mind, it was super fun!!

Max and Ellie had a good time playing with the new neighbors cat. The cat doesnt seem to care what anyone does. It just loves attention, so they decided to cover it in straw, then take it all off, then cover it again....and again. There are the pumpkins all carved.

Lily being so good, just hanging out! She was up the whole night but was super content and happy!! Thats how all babies should be!!! :)

Max- I just love this picture of him. He is the sweetest little guy, I think he may have been up all night for his mom and dad that night. He really enjoyed the bucket of candy! So funny!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Fun day....

Jason and Kristie
Ry and Cara
Dad and Laura

First, thanks for your prayers! Katie had her surgery and is doing much better, the kidney is doing good!! Praise God!!

Tonight Dan and I and my fam went out to dinner to the City Vu', it was fun like it always is!! Later some of us went back to our house to play Wii, my arms really hurt from the boxing game but it was pretty fun!!! Here are some pictures!!

Angie and Ellie

She really didnt want to go to bed because she wanted to drive some more!

Just the 10 of us!

Cara kicking dans butt! It was hilarious!!

Join me in Prayer!!!

I just got news that Katie Lubbers' is going back in for an emergency surgery. Something has gone wrong with her new kidney from what I understand. Just pray....Thanks! You can check out her blog updates here www.whenhellomeansgoodbye.blogspot.com

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fashion Emergency!!

Okay, so a while back my husband said we were going to be going to a dinner on October 25th for his bosses. Thats totally great, a night out, glass of wine, good meal, I was all about it. Today he came home and said "hey hon, you know that dinner we are going to have in a few weeks? Well, I got the invite and its black tie optional!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Oh my word, are you serious??? That means I have to get a super nice dress!! Oh man! I am not a huge dress person anyway so to find one in two weeks is going to be tough!! I am looking forward to it yet, this just puts a new twist on things!!!! So, if anyone has any grand ideas as to where I should look, let me know!!

Friday, October 3, 2008


Aubrey is our daughter who is sneaky and fast. She is the one who takes off with a crayon to go color on something other than a coloring book, the one who throws things into the toilet, who as of yesturday opens the front porch door and trys to run away. She also has some how figured out how to open child proof medicine containers. Dan found her upstairs a few nights ago with an entire bottle (about 100 pills ) of my zoloft. (no, I am not depressed just have major anxiety to everything) Anyway, we saw that a few were wet but it didnt look like she chewed on any b/c they taste terrible, we decided we would call poisen control. I got to know a very kind women named Rita. Apparently a child would need to take a lot of those for it to cause problems. Neither of us thought she actually had any in her system but she called back a few times in the night to see how Aubrey was doing. They have to follow up I was told. Well, I learned my lesson so no more pills in reach of Miss. Aubrey!!! Enjoy the gorgeous day!!! I am looking out my front window right now and the tree in front of our house has one bright red leaf on it, beautiful!!!