Thursday, September 29, 2011

more fall decorations and 7 years....

I keep adding fall things! My fav time of year and my favorite decor! I have learned that adding a few drops of food coloring to some modge podge, you get the jars you see in the pic. I painted the insides and when I am sick of that color, I can peel it out and do another look!!

Dont put it on too thick, it does take a long time to dry.

This is Punch Needle Embroidery, another winter craft I love and is so easy!
I took a class last winter and was hooked! Yes, I am only in my 30s...not 75 like you might be thinking.

 These are my two favorite little girls and now two favorite tiny boys! My precious nephews Preston and Jackson. I cant believe how fast they all grow and how much they mean to me.
Seven years ago today Emma Grace came and went from this world. You were here for a reason and you live on in so many ways. So often I get to share your story and tell how Gods loving, faithful hand was in it all and continues to be. To God be all the Glory!! Happy Birthday sweet baby girl!!! We miss and love you and so thankful for Heaven where we will meet again!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

few new crafts...

Thanks to Pinterest, I have made a few new things at home this weekend. I loved the idea of having a "lost sock" sign. Socks normally sit in my bedroom and now they have a place of their own. lol!

These are just a few extra blocks I had sitting around from the baby shower ones I made. I used fabric for these instead of paper and they turned out pretty cute! I love that falls coming and I can decorate for it! Its my favorite time of year!!!

My latest crafty obsession is crocheting. I have always wanted to make big blankets for people or baby blankets. So, I have been sucked to You Tube and learning what all the stitches mean and how to do a granny square. I  have learned how to do one version and I am going to keep practicing...probably making a small blanket for the cats but its a start!! (this is just a pic of one I like)