Sunday, May 31, 2009

updates in reverse

Sorry that I have been slacking in blog world lately. Here is some of what we have been doing. Summer is so busy and I absolutely love it!!! I feel like we live outside as much as possible! Dan just built the girls a sandbox so they love that, I have been planting and weeding and we just started a little garden out back. We are so excited to get back into camping! For me, it just doesnt get much better than being with great friends, relaxing, drinking coffee, playing games, watching the kids get filthy dirty, spending time as a family and just making memories!!!

A trip to the zoo

Camping at Dutch treat in Zeeland. We had a great week with great friends and cant wait for more!

JEff and Angies wedding was perfect. Everything went so smooth and it was so beautiful! They had a great honeymoon and are adjusting nicely to married life!

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