Saturday, December 4, 2010


We are home!! I cant believe we're finally in here. Twelve years ago Dan and I started dating and quickly started talking about our future together. There is a pond right near our house that we used to go fishing and swimming in and do a lot of talking!! Many of our talks were of Dan saying how much he wanted this property someday, that it would just be a great place to live and raise a family....well, here we are. It seems so surreal to be sitting here in this beautiful home. We woke up this morning to watching a deer in our backyard and some super crazy squirrels. I feel so blessed. Ellie said it best in her prayer the other night "thank you Jesus for this lovely, lovely, lovely home, its so lovely!" Our prayer is that this house is a home of comfort, happiness and safety. That God will use this house to bring others closer to Him for its because of Him we are here!!!


cara's creations said...

Congrats on moving to ur new home.

Lyndsey said...

thank you for generously sharing your new home for small group! ellie is right, it is lovely and you are already using it to glorify the lord. may you continue to be blessed :)