Saturday, June 25, 2011

gluten free questions

I was asked how I got started with getting rid of the gluten in my life...

I am still learning a lot!! First, fresh fruits and veggies are great!! I know they are safe and I eat lots and lots!! Thank goodness its summer and I have many options!

Plan on a longer grocery shopping day. I read lots of labels now which is great to raise your awareness of what you're putting into your body!! Visit a natural food store. Yes, its more expensive but if you do this with someone else you can share and split the cost!

The grocery store I use has a growing section of GF foods that are pretty good. My sister made me a GF chocolate cake for my birthday and it was fabulous!! No funny aftertaste just pure yummoness!! It was just a betty crocker mix!! Check this out ...

Part of the energy I think, comes from just eating better and healthier. Food from the ground, not with all the additives! The biggest things that I have been told to avoid is WHEY, MALT, WHEAT.

Mexican food is something I get often when going out, corn shells are safe! I love as a snack blue corn chips and GF guacamole! MMM!!!  When we go out to eat, I use my phone! Say were headed to Wendys. I type in Gluten Free menu and Wendys, and a list pops up. The chili is gf and baked potatoes! (theres more but I love those two) and you just don't add the crackers to the soup like I did the first time!! Its a learning process!!

So theres some of the things that can help you get started!!! Let me know if you have more questions that I can maybe help with!  For the anxiety/antidepression medication people, this may not make a big change but even a little more energy is huge for me!! I hope it helps with you too!!

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