Sunday, September 11, 2011

few new crafts...

Thanks to Pinterest, I have made a few new things at home this weekend. I loved the idea of having a "lost sock" sign. Socks normally sit in my bedroom and now they have a place of their own. lol!

These are just a few extra blocks I had sitting around from the baby shower ones I made. I used fabric for these instead of paper and they turned out pretty cute! I love that falls coming and I can decorate for it! Its my favorite time of year!!!

My latest crafty obsession is crocheting. I have always wanted to make big blankets for people or baby blankets. So, I have been sucked to You Tube and learning what all the stitches mean and how to do a granny square. I  have learned how to do one version and I am going to keep practicing...probably making a small blanket for the cats but its a start!! (this is just a pic of one I like)

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Anonymous said...

LOVE the granny squares! I now want to learn! Also, how do you make the squares that way "fall"? Are they wooden or cardboard. I can't tell. How cute!!