Monday, June 30, 2008

Fun, fun, and more fun!!

We had a great time on our very first camping adventure as a family! The camper worked out great! Ellie and Aubrey had soooo much fun and Ell wants to go again, NOW she says. I feel the same way, so in a few weeks we are hoping to head out again. All of it was so great, the food, the card games, swimming, chit chatting around the fire. Even Dan who never grew up with it, really enjoyed it. I have one goofy story to tell (there were many)....the guys went golfing on Sat. and on the way home we called and asked if they could get some laundry detergent, I went to go throw it in the washer, poured it in and looked at the container, Jeff picked out some downy for us!! So, our clothes did smell much better but not all that clean. It was pretty funny, he got picked on pretty good for that one.

Aubrey had a great first birthday party! She really loved the cake. The pool was probably her favorite this weekend. The girl would just dive right in if we let her. I know she has to come out when her lips turn purple and start to quiver. Shes so sweet, she did so well with everything. Ell did too, I am so glad. It makes me look forward to next time even more!!


Stephanie said...

Yeah! That sounds like so much fun! Too funny about Legs... you would think with all the guys together they could have figured it out! Oh well, gives us something to tease him about! Glad you are home, I missed you!

Jamie Strowenjans said...

Where did you camp at? We are always looking for new places to check out.