Friday, June 20, 2008

Jam it up....

I actually made strawberry jam today. I got it all done while the girls took a nap!! ( they never usually take one at the same time! )I actually enjoyed it and was pretty proud of myself when I was all finished. Hopefully it tastes great and sets up right, we will see!! I always said I would never do any canning/freezing but nothing beats homeade jam!!! I think I ended up with 21 jars. That should be good until next year right?? Ha ha!!


Anonymous said...

You are crazy, if you are not sure if it is tasty just let me know I would be willing to taste test that stuff!!! Yummy
Love angie

Anonymous said...

Your jam looks sooo good. Are you going to be trying any other canning adventures this summer? I have fond memories of canning with your mom and gram.

Love Aunt Joy