Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I put up our new tree tonight and it looks pretty good. I got a new one because I feel our house is shrinking a bit and so I got a smaller, slimmer tree. Maybe I wont feel like its so in the way like the other one.( i will put up a pic when its all done!) Now I am getting in the Christmas mind set and I have some questions for you all...

First question, does anyone know someone who sells discovery toys? I am kind of interested in getting the little race track set for my girls for Christmas. (hopefully they still sell it!)

Second, every year Dan gets me a new book light for a present and now its kind of a joke that we have wondering how long it will last. Its never very long, I either read too much or have bad luck with book lights. So, if you know of a really great kind that's not too bright or heavy let me know.(or Dan) :)

Third this isn't a Christmas question but just a three year old is amazing!! When they say that kids grow up too fast, its no joke!! We were watching some country music show and she was critiquing all the girls. One of the winners walked up and Ellie said "she is skinny" and later "oh mom, I like her hair" and again "her dress is sooo pretty". What the heck she is 3!!! What am I teaching the child? Goodness! She cracks me up.


Anonymous said...

Hey Val,
I was checking Katie's blog and reading her comments--found you!
My favorite booklight is this one
It comes in two different sizes (hardcover or paperback). I've had mine for 3 years with no problems.
Your girls are adorable!
Talk to you soon,
Connie I.

Leslie P said...

Val- are you talking about your Christmas tree?? How long do you keep it up?

Stephanie said...

OHHHH I was so gonna put my tree up this weekend too! But I thought if Ryan came home from hunting and saw the tree up..... EEEK!

Anonymous said...

Hi Val,

Here is a name of a lady that does Discovery Toys - GFS sent me some discovery toys when Kirstyn was born and that is how I got her name. Hope this helps :)

Sharon Boerema
Phone - 616-915-1917

Have a good weekend
Allison K