Friday, December 5, 2008


Well, I had a blog all written out and I was going to add pictures of last Sat. dress shopping but silly me used the camera on the highest resolution and it takes wayyyyy too long to put the pictures up!! So...sorry! When we go tomorrow I wont do that so I can show you some pictures! We did see some pretty gorgeous dresses on a very gorgeous girl!! Cara and I had fun trying on silly bridesmaid dresses until she too got sick!! That flu has gotten around our family! Luckly we are all done with it. We hope!!
An announcement...I am going to be an auntie again! Mark and Amanda are expecting their third baby this summer!!! So fun!! So be in prayer for her and baby!!
Another prayer request is for the Leegwaters who are expecting twins any day! You can follow her blog to see how things are going. Praying that those kiddos stay in there just a little longer!!!!
A note of Praise is that I had another spot removed on my back and the results came back just fine!!! It had been a long time since I had any of my moles looked at and I just didnt want to go. I have had pre-cancerous spots taken off before so it just scared me!! I was soooo relieved when I got a postcard yesturday that said normal mole!!! YEAH!!! I have promised myself I will be better about going to get them checked!!!
Maybe next time I will get a little botox and a spray tan too! Dekkingas office has it all!!
One more little story I thought I would share is about Ellie. We were talking yesturday about why we get presents at Christmas and that we are celebrating Jesus' birthday and its the biggest party!! Well, she asked if Jesus was going to be coming over for the party and I explained that He is here right now and He will be with us always, we just cant see Him. Well, then she said "is He at Aidens (her new boyfriend) house?" I tried to explain that Jesus is with all of us all the time. Thank goodness for the faith of a child because she just accepts what I tell her. Today and yesturday, Ellie has been as she says "playing with Jesus, showing Him her room, showing Him our bathrooms..." its so cute. I am sure God is smiling down on that one!!! Child like faith!!!


Lilly's mom said...

I loved that story! our children are such miracles and wonderful blessing for God! You have adorable daughters and i am glad to hear the flu has left the building!! hope you have a wonderful and memorbale holiday season! Love, Jennifer

Katie said...

that is adorable!! what a sweet little girl.