Sunday, January 4, 2009

more help... bloggers are sooo helpful when I have a question so I have another one. Angie and I were talking wedding tonight and we were trying to figure out where to get out make up done. I think we will be doing our hair at Panopoulos and then do our faces. All three of us love makeup, so who should we go to. We thought of Smooches or Merle Noorman in Holland. We would like to be able to get it done at the same time. Looking forward to more of your thoughts. If you have more bathroom advice I will take it, the room is at a stand still at the moment!!!!!!!


Nicole said... that eye make-up! I'm not from the Holland area, so I can't help you out there, but I can't wait to see the end results! How fun and "spring-fever-relief" ish to be planning a wedding! I know I'm loving it too! Have a good week!

Amanda said...

Tonya's a big fan of Smooches. She's been there for a few things already.