Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Easter Eggs...

I came across this craft in a magazine and had to try it. I included the girls and my sister Cara which made things a bit more difficult. Cara is messy when she comes over for crafts. Shh...dont tell her I said that! :o) Anyway, you can check out the pictures and see what we did.

I havent written in a while so I will fill ya in a little bit. Last weekend Dan and I had a getaway for the weekend to IKEA and Birch Run. It was my first weekend without both the girls. It was great but I missed them!!! Dan and I got a lot of shopping done and eating in nice restaurants without spilling drinks and throwing food on the floor. It was great hubby and wife time!!!

Cara turned 21 last weekend too and we all went out as a fam to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings!! Tomorrow we are going out to a comedy club for sibling night! It should be a great night that we're all looking forward to!!

The girls have been loving the springy weather!! Everytime I leave to go somewhere Aubrey just runs to the backyard saying "eep, eep" she wants to ride the barbie Jeep! It is getting me super excited for camping!!!! Ellie woke up this morning telling that she dreamed about camping all night!! So cute!


Stephanie said...

Ok. Super cute craft idea... can you pass on the directions? I would love to try it! PS. We were in Meijers the other day and Abby saw something she wanted to buy, I asked her if she wanted to spend her money that she saved to buy this item.... Her response, "No thanks Mom, I think I will just keep saving for the camper!" Ha!

Val said...

I have all the leftovers if you want to do it! Its just yarn and small balloons and glue. I added ribbon on them when I was done. Let me know if you want the stuff and I will drop it off!!! :o)