Sunday, March 29, 2009

I love Craigslist!!!

I am an addict of craigslist!!! I have been on a hunt for a few things. I have been looking for a swing set for the girls. Just a cheap one to get them through a few summers so I dont have so much stuff in the yard!! I found out that many others also are looking for a swing set so I have been checking 3-4 times a day and I think we got one! Dan is going tomorrow night to pick it up!!

I have also been looking for a dutch dance costume and am hoping to go look at one tomorrow morning!! Today we got a cute dress for Aubrey!! Its so cute!! I love finding deals!! Woo hoo!

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Jen said...

oh man, I love Craigslist too...I've purchased only one thing but recently in the last week or two sold four things and made about $120!! I'm making a list of other stuff I don't need and don't want to move, plus I love the instant cash!! :) The girls will have so much fun on that swingset this summer.