Sunday, August 16, 2009

Birthdays and Bladder Infections

This week has been a little rough for Miss Aubrey. On Tuesday afternoon she started complaining of a back ache (lower) really bad complaining!!! So I called the Dr. took her in and of course she was totally we thought. On Friday she had started with a fever and super tired, fussy just couldn't seem to get comfortable. Saturday we called our Dr. and he recommended going in. We sat in the ER for a good chunk of the afternoon. Got a cathedar and did so good with it. As a mom and a person with super high anxiety issues I am thinking the absolute worst and PRAYING for a simple solution. Praise God we got an easy solution, she has a bladder infection. Kind of weird that she never complained when she had to pee but I guess were all different. Anyway, I was thinking that by Sunday afternoon she'd be feeling better. Wrong!! She woke up from her Sunday afternoon nap with Daddy with a fever again and just the same as before. I was holding her just praying that God could give me an answer and tell me what to do for her and seconds later it hit me that I needed to check the messages on my phone and God answered my prayer by having a nurse from the hospital call and say we needed to call her back, the medicine they gave us wasn't going to be helping her get better. So with this new drug she should be feeling better tomorrow. As a mom I am praising God that we have medicine and doctors and most of all prayers for our kids!

It was Ellies fourth birthday on Saturday too!! Luckily she was totally thrilled to go hang out at grandpa and grandmas for the day. Saturday night I took her with me to church and while we were gone daddy baked her a sweet is that!!? She was super excited. We also took her to toys r us and she got a cool new marble racer toy and the bedroom set to her dollhouse!! She had a great birthday!! We are looking forward to a stress free relaxing week camping again before all the school events start!! School...ahhhh!!!

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