Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day at DeVos

Well she did it, Aubrey had her tests done at DeVos today and did soo well!! We arrived on time and she had a chance to play in the cool waiting area with a large fish tank, play room with a tv for video games, toys, books, it was definetly kid friendly. First she had her ultra sound and she did amazing, the nurse had her lay on her tummy and play with a toy then had her flip on her back to get some more pics of her kidneys. The tech told us if she didnt know it, she wouldn't have ever guessed that she was only 2. She did that good. We were brought to another kid friendly room to wait to take the medication that would make her sleepy. She played with all the toys in the room and watched a show about tigers with Dad. Eventually she was given the sedative and it only took a few minutes before we noticed her giggles and heavy limbs. We had to laugh, it was like she just got off of a merry-go-round and her head was 20 pounds. She thought it was funny too! Praise the Lord that she was silly, we were told some kids get super emotional because they cant move like they want to. When we did the test she did really well until she had to pee, she started crying pretty hard then. I dont know if it hurt or she started to panic but it was soon all over and we could go home. All in all it went so well and we were so proud of her, and thankful to God that so far it all looked good!
Not sure if this video will work, I will work on it if it doesnt.

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