Tuesday, September 8, 2009

School days!!!

At the new school!!

Getting excited!

Ellie before school

Ellie had her first day of school today. It was only for one hour but she loved it and did great. Getting up so stinkin' early was a little rough on all of us but we managed. Ellie had some nervous stomach issues this morning and couldn't eat any breakfast...she is such a Prins. Once we were there it was fine. Being super on time was kind of nice so she got comfortable b/f all the kiddos came! She came home with all kinds of papers! I am so excited to make the first scholastic book order...I dont know why I have been so looking forward to those!? We got her color,number and shape of the month plus all of it in spanish!! Wow! We pray she continues to do well and enjoy her year at preschool!!

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Jen said...

How exciting! I love Scholastic too :)