Saturday, October 3, 2009

life lately...

Life at the Nyhofs has been great. Let me catch you up on whats been going on. I had jury duty the middle of September, that was a learning experience I could have lived without. It wouldn't have been so bad if the case didn't bug me like it did. We live in a very sinful world and I have just had to remind myself who is in charge of that world and He brings me comfort. Because of that, we had to pass on our last camping trip of the year...that was a bummer. So the camper is all winterized and put away.

On the up side, its fall and that's my favorite time of year! I love all the fall foods, the crisp air, colors and smells. Its the best!!

Ellie adores school! She is great at it!!! She loves her teachers and everything that goes with it. Its amazing how much of a difference I see in her already. Dan went on her first field trip to Teusinks farm. It was a chilly wet day but they had a great time together. She has a great daddy willing to do that kind of thing with her!!

Aubrey on the other hand is a bit difficult lately. I love the girl with everything I have but boy is she a stinker!! She is my more artsy daughter, she loves to sit and color or paint and for 2 years old, shes pretty good. A few nights ago we thought she had finally fallen asleep. (lately its been between 10-12 before she falls asleep) So, I went off to bed and as I go up the stairs I see this drawing all the way up the stairs and I am not just talking about a line...there are many large circles!! I was so mad for not hearing her!!! She wants to do EVERYTHING herself and she gets down right ticked off if you try to help her. She is evil to Ellie, but that can go both ways! She cracks us up and has a great personality but right now...she just poops me out!!!

One more big thing in our lives is we are looking into selling our house! We have talked to a realtor and are thinking we will have the house up for sale in the next few weeks. This seems so crazy yet we have been talking about it for so long. Who knows what will happen, we are just really praying and listening to what God wants for us. So that is all for now! Thanks for reading!! :)

This is what we caught Aubrey doing at 10:30 tonight...making beds for babies.

Ellie with Daddy!

this is when I caught Aubrey coloring this wall, I made her clean it up. If you could see her face, you would see her crying asking for more soap (on the washcloth). Getting caught isnt good!!


thebrouwers said...

I love the beds for babies, 1030 at night probably wasnt so cute though, good idea having her clean up the walls though, bradon cleans up his messes too, it's not fun but it's good for them to learn:) It looks like Ellie & Dan had a great field trip too!

Shannan said...

We have just started getting the kids ready for bed at 7 and putting them to bed at 7:70 (their old bedtime was 8/8:30) and this is working very well for Austin who was also doing stinker-ish things late at night. Someone recommended 7:30 because it works (she didn't know why) and Austin still sleeps until at least 8am. He was also waking up a lot and he hasn't been doing that so much either. Elise goes to bed at the same time, but she often plays for a little while before she falls asleep.