Wednesday, April 28, 2010

waiting patiently!

new friends

reading to her animals

Uncle jeffy reading

So, I frequently have been asked how the house is coming and whats happening so I thought I would post whats going on. Unfortunetly I have nothing to share with you. Dan continues to burn wood and cut it but thats it. We would love to get going but the title company says to wait 30 days. From what I understand, title companies have always had this rule but until recently havent enforced it. So, everything is set with the bank, with who we plan on using for all of the different things being done, (I think, thats kind of dans department), colors are picked for the outside. (thanks gdk ladies for helping out with that one!!) So, were ready to roll just abiding by all the rules first!

Living with the VDKs has been going great. We are all used to schedules and what we do and when. I think the kids think they have two sets of parents. Just this morning Aubrey woke up about 6am and came up to uncle jeff who was getting ready for work. She was all distraught saying that Ellie was going to drive her away...dreaming. So uncle jeffy calmed her down and brought her back to bed and tucked her back in. Dan and I slept through it, we had no idea until he came home from work and told us. I just think its sweet that she went to him and he totally took care of it! I am pumped up to get outside and hopefully put in some landscaping with them soon. The kids are making friends with kids in the neighborhood. One in particular named Kennedy! They wake up asking if today they can play with her! Its so cute! So, thats us lately. Hopefully I can post pictures of some kind of progress with the house soon!!!

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the brouwers said...

aw what a good uncle! and cute pictures, they really do like Kennedy too. Good luck with the house, waiting is probably the hardest part:)