Monday, May 31, 2010


May was a great month! Weather is warmer, tulip time, camping begins, school ends, its just a super kick off to summer!! Ellie graduated from preschool which was bittersweet. It was such a fun year, all of it so new for us. We were so proud of her and all she has learned and how she has grown. Shes excited for a break and looking forward to young 5s next fall!! Our first camping trip was fabulous! Well, croup invaded camping so it got cut short for a few of us but other than that it was a super week!!! Today we celebrated our freedom by playing in the mud at the Meistes!!! Take a look at these pictures...the kids love playing there!!! Oh, and we went to Binder zoo on mothers day which was just a perfect day with my girls, dan and my dad! I will just post all the pics.... ((apparently my computer is giving me issues so you will have to stay tuned for the pics, sometimes technology just drives me crazy!))


Anonymous said...

Hey you may use my camera to upload some pics from this past weekend. It is on top of the fridge and the card is in the sise of it. You'll see it! Ang

the brouwers said...

aw i'm jealous! we were going to go to binder on mothers day too but rick was super sick! thanks again for dinner the other night, we had all a great time!