Saturday, April 9, 2011

sewing projects

Craft day! I want way more of these! Some friends came over with crafts and we played, the kids was something that needs to happen more for me, its a great way to get more ideas, try new things and just socialize!! Ha ha Jess, I got you in the picture!!

A new pillow that I tried! I found this one from Its called a sprocket pillow.  I have to keep practicing...this one was tricky for me but SEW cute!!

the back! I am very into dick and Jane right now....later I will show you why.

Tulip onesies. I have made a few of these too, and a few orders for them! Gotta love a little extra cash to feed my sewing addiction!!

burp cloth and bib set!

I am working on pillows for my sister, this is one she gets to decide if she wants.  I learned how to sew this flower from I think I sewed 8-10 of these before I liked it. She makes it look so easy!! Turned out pretty cute though! So, there you have it, some more stuff I am monkeying around with.  Hope you all had a great spring break!! Its finally starting to warm up (a little) in Michigan!

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