Sunday, April 24, 2011

painting on pillows!

Hope everyone had a blessed easter!! We had a great one celebrating Jesus!!! I have been busy with redoing some furniture. I have done two end tables and I love how they have turned out. I am hoping to tackle a bench this week! Not a lot of sewing happend this week. What I have done has been combined with painting. I love to paint and wish I was better at it!! Here are a few and a ruffled fun one!


Jen said...

so cool! Do you have pics of your end tables? I did some last summer and a headboard and love it too! I was just curious what you did and the steps...and I love the new pillows! Very nice Val! What do you do to make the paint "sealed"?

heidi said...

I love painting on the pillow! do you use a stencil? if not you have amazing handwriting & I need to find a stencil...:)

Val said...

Jen, I dont do anything to make the paint seal, I just use the paint from a craft store. I think its called americraft paint. @heidi, I just print off fonts I like and words I like, then tape them together and trace them or put it under the fabric to trace. I use a disappearing pen and then just paint. So simple!