Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Old window turned chalkboard!!!

I have been wanting to find and redo some old windows for the house. I love the look and love to refinish things lately! So, I found this big old window at a garage sale for 5.00! I took it home and sanded it with my hubby's sander so it was easy(glass too)! I put a light layer of paint over the frame and re sanded the edges. Next I bought chalkboard paint and sprayed a few layers on. When it was hung up I thought it needed just a little more and asked one of my creative friends what she thought. It just so happened that she had the perfect thing at home that she wasn't using and cost only 1.00. A tiny metal bird and little flowers.I loved it and took it home to paint a little and added it to the chalkboard! I love it! To top it off I found chalkboard markers from Fris Office Supply. It writes so much better and looks fabulous!!

the finished product!

one of the cute little flowers

3.00 garage sale redo...I don't like how I have it decorated yet. Ideas??

I re did two of these and love the new look

spray paint and sand paper are my friends!!

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