Sunday, July 6, 2008

Room Changes at the Nyhofs

Dan and I found a toddler bed for Ellie this week (on wonderful Craigs List) and have made the switch. Since Aubs has been born shes been in our room. (in a crib) We decided to put the girls together!! Its been okay, tonight is the first night Aubrey didnt cry like crazy when we put her down. She is used to it pitch black with the door shut, and Ellie has a bright night light and the door has to be wide open. The bad but funny part is napping. I try to my darnest to put them down for a nap together in the afternoon, well we did this weekend and the girls were just screaming (being goofy) and laughing and talking for over an hour. It was kind of funny, and what did I expect!? They are sisters and this is what they will do the rest of their lives and I love it!! They crack me up! Ellie wanted to take a picture of herself in her new bed so I took one of Aubrey sleeping too. Suprisingly she didnt flinch!! Our room is squeaky clean now and seems huge!!

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Stephanie said...

Yeah! Privacy once again! Time for the next one! :)