Friday, October 10, 2008

Fun day....

Jason and Kristie
Ry and Cara
Dad and Laura

First, thanks for your prayers! Katie had her surgery and is doing much better, the kidney is doing good!! Praise God!!

Tonight Dan and I and my fam went out to dinner to the City Vu', it was fun like it always is!! Later some of us went back to our house to play Wii, my arms really hurt from the boxing game but it was pretty fun!!! Here are some pictures!!

Angie and Ellie

She really didnt want to go to bed because she wanted to drive some more!

Just the 10 of us!

Cara kicking dans butt! It was hilarious!!

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LJFredricks said...

Val, looks like fun!! Can you e-mail me? I have some questions about meals for Katie