Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fall Festive Fun!!

Saturday night we got together with some friends to eat and carve pumpkins!! It was a riot, like it always is! We are blessed to have a great group of friends!
I asked Brad to take a few pictures while we carved, and he took 53!!!!! What a goof ball!! I love this one of Lyndsey, shes adorable!! (sorry Lynds, I had to!)

Here we are planning out the pumpkins with the kids and at first they were so into it....3 minutes later they're gone and we moms are left to finish them! We honestly didnt mind, it was super fun!!

Max and Ellie had a good time playing with the new neighbors cat. The cat doesnt seem to care what anyone does. It just loves attention, so they decided to cover it in straw, then take it all off, then cover it again....and again. There are the pumpkins all carved.

Lily being so good, just hanging out! She was up the whole night but was super content and happy!! Thats how all babies should be!!! :)

Max- I just love this picture of him. He is the sweetest little guy, I think he may have been up all night for his mom and dad that night. He really enjoyed the bucket of candy! So funny!!


The Coming Depression BE PREPARED! said...

great blog!

Amanda said...

What a great time! Fall might be the best time of year!