Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pillow crazy!!!

I will admit I am obsessed...and I enjoy it! So heres what I have been doing. I look up blogs about moms like me and try what looks cute and doable for me. I think I am so into it because I feel like I finally have a place to do this stuff and my kids are old getting old enough and busy enough on their own. So, I think all these ideas came from the blog "The Girl Creative" These are sooo not perfect but they're good enough for me!
One more thing I found to do with old kids books is cards and I cut out words from the books to add as well and little embellishments. Pretty cute! Although, I cant use these cards because my lovely ladies signed them on the inside! nice!

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Anonymous said...

i would love to know exactly where you got the info on the flower pillows :) did you make the flowers or did you buy them... LOVE this idea...