Sunday, February 27, 2011

90 years Celebration and of course...more pillows!

This weekend was my great grandmas 90th birthday!! Wow, 90 years!! As I was working on some projects for her party I read a lot about the year 1921. So so much has happened in her lifetime! Through all of it, she has followed Christ and wants that for each one of us and I love her for instilling that in her family! Here is a 5 generation picture of great gram in the middle, gram in the back standing, my mom with my kids and me on the left. After seeing this picture weight watchers is screaming my name again...good grief I hate how that happens when you see a pic of yourself. Anywho, on to the pillows.

I made this one out of scrap fabric at joanns,(under $2.00) and the bottom of my daughters old dress that has a stain on it. I cut the bottom off, wound it into the flower and hand stitched it on. Then I took some other scrap fabric I had and did an accordion fold and hand stiched the ends to unfold into a circle then I decided to add a few buttons from a giant bag of buttons my mom gave me. So, this one cost me about 3.00 when I was done.

This one I decided to try today because I keep seeing blogs of people using this "wonder under" stuff and I had to give it a whirl. So, I came up with an easy pear, used the "wonder under" and stitched around it. Its so not perfect but fun to use. Opens up a whole new area of sewing!!
(showing the front and back)

So, there are a lot of things I am learning about sewing! First, I love You Tube. I have learned how to use my machine that way and lots of different tricks and advice. I never thought useing pins was going to be as important as it is, along with ironing. Both very useful in sewing!! As long as the machine works good I find it to be really relaxing and rewarding. I dont see myself making clothes for my kids in the future but the stuff I am making now is fun.If anyone has tips or tricks for me please let me know! Im open to learning!! I have a towel sewing pattern I want to try this week. If it goes okay, I will show ya! Thanks for checking out my new sewing addiction!

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heidi said...

I love your pillows, great job! I should check out you tube for sewing ideas! That's awesome your great grandma's 90! I love hearing all the history from my grandparents:)