Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Girls...

zipper down, shorts too small from last summer...looking good ellie!

blue eyes, green dot on nose

art work

notice...same day, new outfits. They change at least 3 times a day!!!!

Beauty queen on her first day of school!!

Snow days bring on lots of me entertaining and coming up with crafts and yes, I do end up throwing them in front of the tv so I can get things picked up and caught up! When we don't leave the house all day I let the girls just put on whatever they want. Lately its been swim wear!????? Wackos! They have been having beach parties putting on gobs of lotion as sunscreen. I love that they are finally using the basement together. It has taken awhile for them not to want me down there too. We also painted for a long time...as they get older their attention span is getting better. Love! Ellies art is getting so cute! Much more detailed.

Aubrey had her first enrichment class at HC today. She was so pumped up about it! She would have gone to all of them but she is just now potty trained...and I cant yet say completely. Sometimes she will just pee because "she doesn't feel like going right now" She is so stubborn!!!! I am just glad we are this far and she can get in a few more of the classes!! She had to take a backpack with some of her treasures. Her treasures included, scented lotion, a tiny stuffed animal, a bottle for the animal, her princess crown, and a picture she drew for mrs. sytsema. She always has a stash of little things with her. In her room, will be little things all laid out in a row just so and if we move it she goes ape on us! Its so funny!! Ellie was so sweet to her after school looking at all of her pictures and telling her what a good job she did. I love watching them grow together, they are my treasures. I cant get over how blessed we are that God is letting us raise two of his children! Being their mom is the best job ever!!!

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