Monday, February 14, 2011

tonights craft...

Garage sale finds!

Painted the boards brown, sanded the edges, cut out the pictures I wanted to use.
Modge Podge the pictures onto the board and over the whole thing.
Cut some fabric I had and super glued and stapled it to the back, tied a knot and tada, these are now hanging in our half bath behind the potty!! :)

Reading other blogs today got me in the crafty mood but I didn't feel like leaving the house today to shop. So, I had to get more creative by shopping around my house for something to make. Here is what I came up with. I found two boards dan had in the house (hope he didn't need them for something :)) At garage sales this summer I would get random books for the girls...I have a few pretty old ones that I didn't toss out yet and now I am glad I kept them!! With some paint, some modge podge, and a little fabric I did these in less than 2 hours...most was just drying time! I love birds right now, I guess its living where we do but thats why I chose what I did. I totally dig the shabby chic look that's in right now and I really love when it doesn't cost me a dime!! What ya think?!

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Jen said...

nice work Val! Gotta love Modge Podge and FREE decorations! I love birds lately too and am going to put some on a t shirt and throw pillow! :)