Sunday, March 6, 2011

a few new sumin' sumin's to share

So, I decided to play around with something a little different than pillows. Well, I shouldn't say that, this is an stuffed owl. There are so many cute ones out there so I thought I would try a small one and see what happens. Its not bad but has some pretty large ears!! I wanted to work on a "ladder stitch" here and I am not very good, definetly need more practice. Thanks becki for letting me know what it is!! Things will be much more professional looking!!
Aubrey still thought it was the coolest thing ever...gotta love her!

I have been wanting to put some ruffles on something ever since I figured out how to do it on the fun and easy! I found something like this on line and thought I would try it on a kid size shirt first. When I do it again I will do it on a tank top and add a few smaller ruffles. Kind of cute!

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Jessica said...

Love the new sewing projects! I may have to hire you to make a few owls for me. I have a friend who is due in July that is her nursery theme :)