Monday, March 14, 2011

Ice and Owls

This weekend Dan surprised the girls with tickets to Disney Princess' on Ice!! They had a blast!! I totally enjoyed it too!! The lights, costumes, very Disney!!! Aubrey pretty much just stood clapping the whole time while Ellie's eyes looked like they were going to bug out of her head!! I love being able to take them to super special things like that! I would highly recommend it to anyone with little girls!!
The 7 dwarfs

Tinkerbell going for a ride

The girls' favorite part...the big fiery dragon!!!

I have been trying to come up with a pattern for an owl. Owls are my fav bird!!  They are also my favorite to sew right now. So far this is my the pattern I like, I will probably always keep tweaking them but I think they are pretty cute. To jazz them up a bit, I added pockets to the back...maybe for pacifiers, money from the tooth fairy or for my daughter, treasures that are only special to her!! :)  Let me know what you think, what should I add or do differently?

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