Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Another painting party tonight! We are getting really far and the house is looking great! We took this group picture tonight to send to RepcoLite. They are having a photo contest and the winner will win a Wii. Angie is reallllly hoping we win it!! So, if you have time please go and vote for us on the repcolite web sight and give us a 10. You can vote every day, once a day until the end of August. On the way home Aubs was beat, and thats the other picture!! She is in a diaper.

On another note, we have my brothers wedding this week and things are just crazy for them. Kristies grandfather past away yesturday and so did the pastors father who is from Canada. The Asst. pastor is on vacation and so is the youth pastor but he is going to be home on Friday to perform the ceremony. We are all on our own at rehearsal. This could be interesting. I also am feeling like I may be getting sick. My throat is super sore and I am achy!! Shoot! So just pray I can get through the next few days to get Ellie where she needs to be without passing this on to anyone else! Dan just mentioned his is getting sore also!! Oh boy! And also that Jason and Kristie can relax and enjoy their day. Thanks!!

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Anonymous said...

Morning, I prayed for you and Daniel to feel better. If you do get sick just let me know how I can help with the girlies!! Thanks for putting something about repcolite, wii are gonna win!