Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Painting Parties....

We have been busy painting at my dads the past two nights. Its been so much fun and we have gotten so much accomplished. The house is looking awesome!!! Ellie has been quite a helper around the house. She doesnt quite get that we have work to do, she wants to play with grandpa or anyone else around there. Aubs did pretty good, she was only there one night. Poor thing had to sit in the pack and play a lot but made the most of it!! Tuesday night was kind of a family night, and Thursday dads church friends all came out. A lot of people make it go so much faster and the time just flys.

Ellie is getting older and I need to watch my mouth more, tonight I was walking in my dads house and his cat (Caras actually) and I dont get along. Ellie was behind me and saw me kick the cat out of the way and said "Move it stupid cat!!!" I had to quietly laugh, but then had to chew her out. Its hard b/c I know she gets it from me!! How terrible am I!!?? Just thought that was a funny little story. If anyone feels like painting, I am sure we can find a brush for you!!