Monday, July 7, 2008

Aubreys one year check up

Aubrey had her one year appointment today and is growing great. She weighs 24 pounds 12.5 ounces. Ellie weighs 30, I cant believe they're only a few pounds different!! She is 32 in. tall which is the 95th percentile so I guess shes even throughout but what a chunker!! She did great with her shots but of course is a bit crabby now. Shes had a cough/cold for about 3 weeks now and the dr. thinks its allergys so we are going to try out some meds. Hopefully they work fast and we dont have to wipe her nose so much. I always learn something new at the doctor and today he said all restrictions for food allergies is no longer. I was told no peanut butter until 2 years, no strawberries until 1 year, fish, peanuts, etc. Well, thats no longer! I guess they have done enough tests and its not a big deal anymore?! Whatever, I am just thrilled I dont have to think about it anymore and can make a pb and j for her!! I am happy to say I have a healthy one year old!

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Stephanie said...

Your kiddos are soo cute!