Thursday, July 24, 2008

One pony tail or two??

My amazing daughter Ellie is at a trying age right now. Everyone always talks about the terrible twos but I am thinking coming into three is going to be a bit more work. Today I had a few things I wanted to do, when the girls got up I gave them time to wake up. They need time, they dont do good being rushed right after they wake up. Anyway I had everything ready to go, I just had to do Ellies hair which is usually no big deal but today... well it was. I only grabbed one pony tail holder and she wanted two!! I didnt have the time nor did I want to so I said only one. So, she got super upset and wouldnt let me do it so after trying to reason with her, putting her in time out, I ended up sitting on the floor with her inbetween my legs and her head inbetween my knees doing her hair in just ONE pony tail. Of course when I was done I tried to talk to her and explain but she just messed her hair all up and we walked out the door on our way. Aubrey then saw suckers in the van and had a cow wanting that, so that I gave in to and the ride was nice and quiet!! The whole day seemed to go this way, and I just kept telling myself that someday, this strong will of theirs will come in handy!!

Tonight I was able to go on a long walk with a friend I dont see a ton and the walk felt so good after my day!! Talking makes the walking so much better and faster!! When I came home, Dan had given the girls a bath and had them all ready for bed! I love when he does that!! Aubs was tired and wanted Ellies cup and I wouldnt let her because it leaks. She got so upset she turned blue and was seconds away from passing out!! She does this more often and I keep hearing its normal. I will call the ped. tomorrow to make sure!! Tonight was the worst, after it happend she was just limp laying on me. After a few minutes she was back to her normal self trying to get the cup again. That stinker!! I do love my girls and love, love their silly, giggly, adorable, stubborn personalities. I just had to vent I guess and because who ever reads this will just get a kick out of it.

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Stephanie said...

WELCOME to my world! I am so glad to hear I am not the only one! PS. Check out my post that I am gonna put up today... I know you will be able to feel my pain... well, acutally Ryan's pain! :)