Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A lump in my throat....

(stop panicking, not an actual lump) Tonight Dan brought Ellie to bed and it was just starting to thunder. I honestly thought he was going to come back down stairs with her but he didn't. Instead he told me what he told her so she wouldn't get scared. He told her that Jesus was just moving around some big furniture and that Emma was turning his lights on and off just like Ellie does to daddy. He said "You know how I tell you no, no when you do that? Maybe thats what Jesus is saying to Emma right now." Isnt that so sweet? Just writing it brings tears to my eyes. Usually I dont get too choked up when I think about her. Maybe with the Busscher family loosing their little Grace, it just makes me think of how hard the next few weeks, months, and years will be as they remember her. I know how much my heart still aches after losing a child I never knew, I just cant imagine their pain. I pray tonight that God surrounds them with a peace that passes all understanding!!!

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