Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Time outs and Teething....

So, we had Ellies third birthday party last week and she loved it! We went to Craigs Cruisers with the whole family. I would show you pictures but it seems that I forgot to put in the memory card and its on the internal memory but I dont know how to get that on the computer! So, sorry Ellie! It was fun though, lots of smiles from Ellie. I cant believe shes 3!! I know I will say that every year!

Now that shes three she is really testing me and seeing how far she can push things. I swear she spends most of her days in time out!! Here she is yesturday in the kitchen after she just randomly came up and bit me in the butt!?!? What the heck!?? So, here she sat for three minutes.

I am heading tomorrow to get a book called 123 Magic, I have been told by a few people now that its a great book. I am praying it helps us all!!

Aubrey on the other hand is teething so horribly. I feel so bad for her, shes so whiny. She will be her happy normal self and then she will hit her cheek or fall down and just cry and cry.

So, I have one sitting in a corner and the other one crying! I do absolutely love my crazy, chaotic life. I am honestly blessed to be able to go through this as a mom to two amazing girls. God is good!!


Stephanie said...

Hopefully Abby and Ellie wont put their mischevious creative minds together and test us both while camping... I am hoping the playmate will help "focus" Abby's energy!

thebrouwers said...

ah the butt biter, hopefully that goes away! bradon is a head-butter, that's not too fun either:) goodluck!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, those crazy days! I'm glad to hear you are enjoying them. I know it's hard to believe, but they really do go SOOO FAST!!! But, of course, even at 10 and 7 we have our "crazy days!!!"
Stacy Eding

The Petroeljes said...

Hey Val! I just got around to reading the comments on our blog and noticed that you had posted! I didn't know you had one, too! (This stuff is kind of addicting!). First - ah yes, timeout - Grant's visited that a few times in our household too! Doesn't like it (which makes me like it even more!). To respond to your question - we are staying put at our current house for a few years yet. Initially we thought of building this summer; however, we're just not quite ready yet (maybe baby #2 will put me over the edge and in need of a bigger house, we'll see!). We, too, are looking forward to having lots of playmates in the neighborhood. Grant will have his pick of the women, being the only boy!