Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kid Project

So, I don't know if my kids get bored or if I do with our everyday routine. I think its me, so I like to throw in a craft or two. I found a book called kid concoctions (at a garage sale) that you can buy through WGVU. Anyway there is a glitter shaker you can make at home super easy so I thought I would pass it along. Its some thing different to do for 15min. of the day. I used a small empty water bottle and tore off the paper, 3/4 of the container gets filled with Karo syrup then glitter or confetti or both, then 1/4 or the bottle you just add water. That's it, Ellie thought it was so cool and even Aubrey likes to chuck it around. I have been keeping it outside on the off chance it breaks and we have a giant glittery mess!!! The book says you can add food coloring too. Enjoy, I will pass along more ideas as I do them!

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Stephanie said...

Leave it to you Martha!